Gneis Modules

Tjelmeland Friction has developed 4 LED modules for Gneis Bouldering. These modules provide climbers with the opportunity to choose from hundreds of bouldering problems from a database that caters to all skill levels. The walls are equipped with LED lights that illuminate the transparent climbing holds and clearly display the routes. The modules have the following angles:

  • Gneiss module 1: 3 degrees slab
  • Gneiss module 2: 10 degree overhang
  • Gneiss module 3: 20 degree overhang
  • Gneiss module 4: 35 degree overhang

More information about this product

These climbing walls have an extra high concentration of climbing holds per square meter, and with the help of an app on a phone or tablet mounted in the facility, climbers can choose climbing routes according to their desired level and style. This means that it is possible to offer many more climbing routes in a small area than what is possible in larger climbing centers. With such a system, commercial climbing centers can save money on route setting, and smaller climbing halls without professional route setters can access routes created by professionals. The climbing holds are from Cheeta Holds, one of the world’s best and most renowned manufacturers of climbing grips, and are made of a specially developed transparent polyurethane blend. In close collaboration with Laurent Laporte, the head of Cheeta, Adam Pustelnik (IFSC route setter) has designed the Gneis grip setup. It is optimized to create a wide range of bouldering problems in all styles and difficulty levels. Each module has a climbing surface of 4.84 x 3.63 meters.

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