Tilt wall

Tjelmeland Friction Tilt Wall – the market’s best and most cost-effective system for adjustable climbing walls with electronic tilting!

Our first adjustable bouldering wall was built in 2006. It had a hydraulic system. We started a new development in 2018, and in 2019, we delivered the first electrically adjustable wall to customers in Norway. Our system is easy and quick to assemble and it is compatible with Kilter Board or MoonBoard setups. The frame is made of CNC-punched steel and is factory-produced by our longstanding partner in Fredrikstad. We use the same steel production method for the adjustable training wall as we do for our large climbing walls. This production method is highly efficient and ensures that we can offer the market’s most affordable adjustable climbing wall system!

More information about this product

Package contents:

  • Galvanized steel frame with all connecting parts
  • Board panels in untreated plywood (Kilter, Moon, …)
  • Pre-drilled holes for LED lights and T-nuts
  • High quality T-nuts (not yet installed)
  • Electronics and actuators
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Control tablet with wall mount
  • Assembly instructions


  • Adjustable surface size (HxW): 3660x3660mm or 3660x2440mm
  • Kickboard size (HxW): 900x3660mm or 900x2440mm
  • Adjustable angle: from 15 to 60 degrees
  • Operating voltage: 220V
  • Touchscreen with pre-programmed angles and manual adjustment capability
  • Panels made of untreated plywood, T-nuts for DIY installation
  • LED lights and climbing holds are not included

Selection of panels:

  • Kilter Board panels (3660x3660mm, 900mm kickboard)
  • MoonBoard panels (3660x2440mm, 900mm kickboard)
  • Other options available upon request

We are in the process of developing a new climbing wall/home wall that we hope to launch soon. The frame is made of steel and plywood, and the wall can be manually adjusted to any angle.