Climbing Walls

We have developed our own modular climbing wall systems and a design program that is specifically tailored to our systems. We have parts in stock and an efficient system for generating calculations, building drawings, and order lists. This enables us to deliver a complete facility quickly after ordering.

Our system also makes it easy to make modifications and replace parts if necessary. Our system can build the most complex climbing walls on the market. All wearing parts can be replaced from the front, which provides easy and efficient maintenance.

We are committed to providing good follow-up after the facility is completed, and we are quick to fix things if something does not work as it should.


More information about this product

We use our various systems to create a complete climbing facility. To create a complete climbing wall, climbing holds, falling mats, and route setting are also necessary.

Our classic system is the most flexible and can be used to build everything from vertical walls to complex 3D walls with a slope of up to 60 degrees. It is easy to rebuild parts of the climbing surface later if you want a different design or steepness. Our long bracket system is the cheapest option and has visible steel brackets in the corners. This system is suitable for vertical walls, as well as slabs and slightly overhanging walls, but it is not possible to rebuild after installation. We also use this system on our freestanding climbing towers. We use our beam system when the walls need to be steep with little complicated 3D, or when obstacles are in the way that make it impossible to use the classic system. Our free-form system offers opportunities to build climbing surfaces independently of our other systems. We can create simple three-dimensional shapes in this system, but there is no possibility for modifications later. The prices of our climbing walls vary from approximately 4000 NOK per square meter to 8000 NOK per square meter, depending on design and steepness. In addition, climbing holds, fallings mats, and route setting are necessary to get a complete facility. Our climbing surface is made of 18 mm high-quality birch plywood, with approximately 30 attachment points for climbing holds per square meter as standard. The surface is painted without friction, but we also offer a surface with friction and clear varnish for an additional charge.