Climbing mini-centers

We have been involved in the development of indoor climbing facilities since the late 90s. We believe that LED-based mini-climbing centers have the potential to drive a paradigm shift in indoor climbing. The obvious advantages include nearly unlimited high-quality routes in a small area and the ability to log ascents in an app. Over time, there will also be opportunities to customize training for maximum efficiency, arrange group sessions with friends in other cities and countries, and for those who wish to participate in competitions.

We offer complete mini-centers based on Gneis LED modules and Kilterboard system walls. We carefully plan to include social areas, lighting, ventilation, changing rooms, kitchen facilities, and sound systems based on the available space.

An example of a complete mini-center could include all four Gneis modules, a tiltable Kilterboard, a music system with Bluetooth connectivity, LED wall-adapted lighting, a kitchen with a coffee machine and sink, a unisex toilet, ventilation, training beams, a small set of dumbbells, and stretching mats.

We customize all our mini-centers to meet the customer’s needs and available space. We plan everything and ensure the delivery of completesolutions that include everything needed for a successful training environment, from the walls and equipment to social areas and kitchens.