Climbing Towers

We offer flat-packed climbing towers that can be bolted to the floor or set up as free-standing modules. The assembly is quick and easy, and the towers are suitable for everything from climbing centers to trade show halls for companies who want to showcase their products in an eye-catching way. We also offer the option to print the company logo or other motifs on the tower for extra visibility and impact. To make the towers even more personal, we can also make climbing holds of the company logo or other desired motifs. The towers come with an autobelay anchor at the top. We offer triangular and square towers with sides of either 1.2 or 2.4 meters. Towers with sides of 2.4 meters can be delivered with our popular children’s motifs for an extra fun and colorful experience. We also have experienced and qualified installers who can ensure safe and quick installation of the towers at the desired location.

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