LED autobelay walls

Tjelmeland Friction’s LED Autobelay Wall is the world’s first LED system wall for autobelay. The first prototype was installed at Vestveggen Climbing Center in 2020. The climbing holds are from the world-leading manufacturer Cheeta, with whom we have been collaborating for many years. Adam Pustelnik, the head route setter during the Tokyo Olympics 2020, has the primary responsibility for setting up the climbing holds. He is now working on a new climbing hold setup based on the experiences we have had so far. The wall will be ready for delivery in the fall of 2023, and we are currently accepting pre-orders. We offer the wall as flat-packed or fully assembled, with a lightweight modular frame made of punched steel for easy installation.

More information about this product

Modular frame made of lightweight punched steel.

Available as flat-packed with a width of 2.44 meters, optional heights include:

  • 8.4 meters
  • 9.9 meters
  • 12.3 meters

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Autobelay comes in addition.

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